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Technical Data

Displacement (swept volume) 60 Hz 1.3 cfm

Speed (Pneurop) 60 Hz 1.1 cfm

Ultimate vacuum

without gas ballast (partial pressure) 3.8 X 10-4 torr

without gas ballast (total pressure) 1.1 x 10-3 torr

with gas ballast (partial pressure) 1.9 x 10-2 torr

Inlet connection NW10 flange

Outlet connection Nozzle 11 mm external

diameter. Hole tapped

Maximum inlet pressure

for water vapor 11 torr

Weight 22 lb

Motor 50 Hz/60 Hz (I P64) 0.16 kW

Oil capacity-maximum 0.28 litres

minimum 0.2 litres

Recommended Edwards oil Supergrade A

Click Here for a Edwards E2M2 Pumping Speed Demo!

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