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Vacuum Pump Rebuilding

JM Industries rebuilds vacuum pumps, blowers and dry pumps.


We offer better than competitive prices on rebuilds and rebuilt pumps. We offer quality workmanship with over 25 years experience, about 2-3 week turn around time (sometimes sooner).


Every pump is completely disassembled, and undergoes a complete and thorough decontamination process. Then, each pump is analyzed, and all parts are measured to assure they are to OEM specifications. Pumps are then cleaned to a “like new” condition. JMI also replaces valves, seals, o-rings, anti-suck back nib, washers, coupling elements, gaskets, oil jets, and vanes as needed. For an additional charge, extra motor bearings and cam locks can be replaced. The pump is then reassembled and put to the test for 72 hours to assure quality. Pump is then drained, painted to OEM specifications, tagged, and ready for shipment. PFPE preparation is available for an additional cost. All our rebuilt pumps come with a full year warranty on parts and workmanship, guaranteed.

JM Industries has skilled technicians specializing in rebuilding all brands of Vacuum Pumps, including:

At JM Industries, Quality and Workmanship is Job #1

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