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Check out some of our new Upgrades.

JMI offers SST vacuum furnaces with new programmable touch screen controls and a 1 year warranty on the new electronics. We can also upgrade your SST furnace.

JMI offers Branson plasma etchers with new Touch screen controls and a 1 year warranty on new electronics. We can also upgrade your plasma etcher.

MRC Sputtering System

Includes: 3 Cathodes, Load Lock Rebuilt CTI 8 Cryopump, Rebuilt Dual Stage Mechanical Pump.

JMI will Upgrade with new PLC/Touch Screen Controls (menu driven with operator and process engineer modes) JMI will also upgrade most other vacuum evaporation systems, Email us Today for a quote!


Dage 22 capable of pull, die and ball shear operations.
available with computer data download (Windows compatible)
and new printer. Full support available on this tool from JMI.


JMI Offers new touch screens upgrades on the following equipment:

Mech-el 709 and Mech-el 703 eutectic bonders

Mech-el manual wire bonders…..Mech-el 827, Mech-el 829, Mech-el 907, Mech-el 908

MEI manual wire bonders…..MEI 1204W and MEI 1204B bonders

SST Upgrades…All new electronics with 1 year warranty and or complete SST rebuilds

Vacuum Pump Rebuilding

JMI rebuilds vacuum pumps, blowers and dry pumps. We offer better than competitive prices on Vacuum pump rebuilding. We offer quality workmanship with over 10 years experience, and 2-3 week turn around time, guaranteed.

Click here to learn more about JMI Vacuum pump rebuilding service

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