55 High St, Bldg 7
North Billerica, MA 01862

JMI Trade In Service

JMI has thousands of Semiconductor manufacturing tools in stock

JMI is upgrading many of them with new HMI touch screen controls (1 year warranty on new electronics)

JMI can support many of these machines better than the OEM.

Trade-in credits are handled on a case by case basis.

Currently we are accepting trade-ins for these models

(Subject to inventory at the time of trade-in)

If you are not near our facility in Massachusetts, Please contact j@jmind.com to work out shipping details.

Currently JMI will buy or trade for this equipment

Ewald 778

HTG Mask aligners

Mechel 703, 709, heated workholders and many other models

Loomis scribers (LSD 100 and LCD models)

Orthodyne 20 wire bonders

SST (700, 1100 and 2200 models)

Yield engineering ovens (most models)