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Wentworth Compass CMP-100

Image of Wentworth Compass CMP-100

Manufacturer: Wentworth

The Wentworth Laboratories "COMPASS" model CMP-100 is designed to perform all the functions necessary for the complete construction, maintenance and testing of blade type probe cards. Of precise and rugged construction, the COMPASS allows the operator to assemble blades to the card, align the probes to the pads, planarize, exercise the card to duplicate production testing conditions, clean the probe tips and, finally, to accurately check the resistance of each probe. The probe card remains in the probe card holder throughout the sequence. This, combined with the advanced and unique features of the machine, creates higher quality cards, test proven for actual operating conditions, and significant cost savings through greater productivity.
144 light planarizer with digital planarization read-out
timer operated exerciser cycle with 10 touchdowns per second
ceramic chuck for probe cleaning
360 degrees rotating basket with power lock in any position
LED and/or audio indication of probe touchdown
resistance check settings from 10 milliohms to 9.99 ohms
barrel micrometer indicates true depth of probe tips from card
right or left handed gripper arm positioning, and dual controls
foot pedal and button control of powered chuck raise/ drop
preset overdrive to accurately check probe alignment
6" chuck with 2" X-Y stage adjustment and 20 theta
light box invert option for planarizing or resistance checking

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Reasons to Choose J.M. Industries, INC

  • JM Industries is selling this item in good condition and fully operational. The refurbished Wentworth Compass CMP-100 comes with a 30 day warranty. (extended warranties are available for an additional cost).
  • If you purchase the Wentworth Compass CMP-100, JMI will fully test the item. In many cases JMI will also run your product with the Wentworth Compass CMP-100 to minimize your set up time. (just ask).
  • Buy the Wentworth Compass CMP-100 direct and avoid broker commissions.
  • Email us for more photos of the guaranteed Wentworth Compass CMP-100. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding the machine in stock. Also contact JMI to learn about options that may be available for this item.
  • If there are any special details that are critical on the Wentworth Compass CMP-100 for your process, please let us know so we can be sure it meets your needs.
  • J.M. Industries offers support for many other machines, like the Wentworth Compass CMP-100, even after the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) discontinues offering parts or service.
  • Please inspect all shock watch indications when you receive the Wentworth Compass CMP-100 from J.M. Industries before signing the bill of lading to ensure the Wentworth Compass CMP-100 has been delivered in the same good condition it was shipped.
  • If would would like to see an emailed video of the Wentworth Compass CMP-100 you have purchased in operation prior to shipment, please let us know. Please note: We may need a deposit prior to sending a video of the Wentworth Compass CMP-100 to cover techncian costs.
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