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Wentworth MP 2000

Image of Wentworth MP 2000

Manufacturer: Wentworth

8X8" TRAVEL, 300mm CHUCK

EDO/ Barnes QFI and Alpha Innotech have been successfully integrated with the MP 2000. Wentworth offers a complete selection of front ends, probe tips and precision manipulators, including Wentworth's CAP 4000 and CAP 3000, computer assisted probes. The MP 2000 accommodates advanced engineering applications utilizing up to six CAPs at once, and can support a combination of CAPs and manual manipulators, such as Wentworth's PVX 500. The MP 2000, semi-automatic prober, combines powerful navigation tools with state-of-the-art probing technology to streamline the test process. Featuring industry-leading LabMaster"I software, the MP 2000 is simple to use and offers a full complement of navigation features to enhance engineering productivity Each MP 2000 system is configured to exact specifications and undergoes rigorous testing for maximum reliability. The MP 2000 control unit is 19-inch instrument rack mountable, with bays for up to four 3-axis control system accessories. Emission microscopy systems from Hypervision, Hamamatsu, Feature s Powerful, user-friendly LabMasterT11 system software • Highly reliable design Proven integration into emissions mcroscopy systems • Precision manipulators • Full line of options and accessories • Expandable control system for accessories • Easy operation XY Stage Speed: 25.4mm/sec (1.0in/sec) max Travel: 203.2mm x 203.2mm (8in x 8in) Resolution: 0.1mm Motor Driver: Stepper motor Z Travel: 5.08mm (0.2in) Repeatability: ± 1.5mm typ Accuracy: ± 3mm typ Wafer Chuck Size : 203.2mm (8in) Material: Nickel-plated aluminum Planarity: 0.1270mm (.0005in) over 203.0mm (8in) Hold Down: Vacuum Probe Platform Z Travel: 938.1mm (1.5in) vertical lift Material: Stainless steel over aluminum Width: 655.3mm (25.8in) Depth: 581.7mm (22.9in) Physical Dimensions Width: 698.5mm (27.5in) Depth: 641.4mm (25.25in) Weight: 122.1kg (285lbs) Height at Optics: 546.1mm (21.5in) System Requirements · Host computer system · Color video system for video input (not required for systems with A-Zoom) · Optics package choice of: Mitutoyo FS60 package or motorized 40X A-Zoom package Services Vacuum: 15Hg Compressed Air: 60psi Electrical: 90-132VAC @ 50/60Hz or 180-264VAC @ 50/60Hz All specifications are subject to change without notice. Rev 2.0 (5/3/01) Options and Accessories · Vibration isolation feet · Contact sense · Microscope mounts · Deluxe platen PCH theta · Lasers for silicon microsurgery · Package device holder · Back-side emissions microscopy kit · Vacuum manifold · ShieldMaster™ for low temperature measurements · Probe card holder To Achieve This Configuration Order MP 2000 with PMM MP 2000 (includes 1 driver box) PMM Driver module-PMM PMM-Z (optional) MP2000 with PMM and 1 CAP MP 2000 (includes 1 driver box) PMM Driver module-PMM PMM-Z (optional) CAP 4000 Driver module-CAP Upgrade kit for CAP/PMM MP 2000 with PMM and 2 CAPS MP 2000 (includes 1 driver box) PMM Driver module-PMM PMM-Z (optional) CAP 4000 Driver module-CAP Upgrade kit for CAP/PMM MP 2000 with PMM and 3 CAPS MP 2000 (includes 1 driver box) PMM Driver module-PMM PMM-Z (optional) CAP 4000 Driver module-CAP Upgrade kit for CAP/PMM 2nd driver control box MP2000 with PMM and 4 CAPS MP 2000 (includes 1 driver box) PMM Driver module-PMM PMM-Z (optional) CAP 4000 Driver module-CAP Upgrade kit for CAP/PMM 2nd driver control box

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Reasons to Choose J.M. Industries, INC

  • JM Industries is selling this item in good condition and fully operational. The refurbished Wentworth MP 2000 comes with a 30 day warranty. (extended warranties are available for an additional cost).
  • If you purchase the Wentworth MP 2000, JMI will fully test the item. In many cases JMI will also run your product with the Wentworth MP 2000 to minimize your set up time. (just ask).
  • Buy the Wentworth MP 2000 direct and avoid broker commissions.
  • Email us for more photos of the guaranteed Wentworth MP 2000. Feel free to call us with any questions regarding the machine in stock. Also contact JMI to learn about options that may be available for this item.
  • If there are any special details that are critical on the Wentworth MP 2000 for your process, please let us know so we can be sure it meets your needs.
  • J.M. Industries offers support for many other machines, like the Wentworth MP 2000, even after the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) discontinues offering parts or service.
  • Please inspect all shock watch indications when you receive the Wentworth MP 2000 from J.M. Industries before signing the bill of lading to ensure the Wentworth MP 2000 has been delivered in the same good condition it was shipped.
  • If would would like to see an emailed video of the Wentworth MP 2000 you have purchased in operation prior to shipment, please let us know. Please note: We may need a deposit prior to sending a video of the Wentworth MP 2000 to cover techncian costs.
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